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Education is the key to unlocking a world of opportunities, and for students of the SEBA (Board of Secondary Education, Assam) Class 6, having access to quality study materials is essential. The subjects, including General Mathematics, General Science, English, Social Science, Assamese, and Hindi, are vital for a well-rounded education. Fortunately, Digital Pipal Academy is here to make these subjects more accessible, helping students achieve academic excellence without any financial burden.




Assam SCERT textbook Solutions for class 6.  We Solved solutions in  Assamese & English Medium  for Class 6 Mathematics, General Science, Social Science, English, Hindi, Advance Mathematics, Advance Geography, Assamese,  . We are provide here to help the students easily understand all the concepts. We solved all textbook for class 6 in Assamese & English Medium. 




SEBA Board Class 6 Solutions

SCERT Class 6 all subjects solutions. Just click on the Subject wise links given below to practice the solutions for the respective Subjects.


ষষ্ঠ শ্ৰেণীৰ সকলো সমাধানঃ  সকলো সমাধান তলত দিয়া Solutions Link ত লিংকত ল্কিক কৰি চাব পাৰিবা ।

Subjects Solutions Links
General Mathematics Click here
General Science Click here
Social Science Click here
English Click here
Assamese Click here
Hindi Click here
Advanced Geography Click here
Advanced Mathematics Click here
English Grammar Click here
Assamese Grammar Click here

Class 6 All Subjects Solutions

বিষয় সমাধান লিংক
সাধাৰণ গণিত সমাধান
সাধাগণ বিজ্ঞান সমাধান
সমাজ বিজ্ঞান সমাধান
ইংৰাজী সমাধান
অসমীয়া সমাধান
হিন্দী সমাধান
ঐচ্ছিক ভূগোল সমাধান
উচ্চ গণিত সমাধান
ইংৰাজী ব্যাকৰণ সমাধান
অসমীয়া ব্যাকৰণ সমাধান




Digital Pipal Academy: A Beacon of Free Education


Digital Pipal Academy is an online educational platform dedicated to providing free and high-quality educational resources to students. With a special focus on SEBA Class 6 subjects, the academy has developed a comprehensive solution for General Mathematics, General Science, English, Social Science, Assamese, and Hindi. Let's explore how these free resources can empower students to succeed.


General Mathematics:

Mathematics is often seen as a challenging subject, but it's essential for building problem-solving skills and logical thinking. Digital Pipal Academy offers step-by-step solutions to textbook exercises, practice questions, and video tutorials to help students grasp mathematical concepts more easily. With these resources, students can build a strong foundation in math.


General Science:

Science education fosters curiosity and a deeper understanding of the world around us. Digital Pipal Academy's Class 6 General Science solutions cover topics like physics, chemistry, and biology. The academy's free resources include explanations, diagrams, and experiments that make science engaging and fun to learn.



Proficiency in English is vital in today's globalized world. Digital Pipal Academy provides comprehensive English resources that encompass grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills. Students can enhance their language skills and excel in their exams with the academy's free materials.


Social Science:

Social Science helps students understand the world's history, geography, and socio-political structures. Digital Pipal Academy's solutions for Social Science include detailed explanations, maps, and timelines. These resources make learning about society and history an enriching experience for Class 6 students.


Assamese and Hindi:

For students who study Assamese or Hindi as their mother tongue, Digital Pipal Academy offers solutions to ensure that they excel in these subjects. Assamese and Hindi solutions help students become more proficient in their native languages, fostering cultural understanding and communication skills.


Why Choose Digital Pipal Academy?


Accessibility: All resources on Digital Pipal Academy are free of cost, ensuring that every student, regardless of their financial background, can access high-quality educational materials.


Comprehensive Solutions: The academy provides in-depth solutions for each subject, covering all the topics and concepts included in the SEBA Class 6 syllabus.


Interactive Learning: With video tutorials and engaging content, Digital Pipal Academy makes learning more enjoyable and interactive for students.


Self-Paced Learning: Students can learn at their own pace, allowing them to review and revisit concepts until they feel confident.


Support for All Subjects: The academy covers a wide range of subjects, ensuring that students have access to resources for their entire curriculum.



Digital Pipal Academy's commitment to providing free and accessible educational resources for SEBA Class 6 students is truly commendable. By offering comprehensive solutions for General Mathematics, General Science, English, Social Science, Assamese, and Hindi, the academy is empowering students to succeed academically and ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder their educational journey. It is a beacon of hope and opportunity for countless students aiming to excel in their studies, and it paves the way for a brighter future through quality education.

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Class 6 Assamese medium All Book solutions in Assamese Medium & English. Class 6 Mathematics solutions in English & Assamese Medium. Class 6 Mathematics all Chapters wise solutions in English & Assamese Medium. Class 6 Math’s Assamese Medium. Class 6 Science English & Assamese Medium. Class 6 Social Science Questions Answer in Assamese medium. Class 6 English in Assamese medium.